Labradorite is a stone of change, in life, awareness of things or thoughts . It gets rid of fears, past disappointments and doubts.

The stone stimulates intuition and psychic abilities, it raises consciousness and "grounds" spiritual energies into the physical body.
Just look at how it shimmers in the sun with all its facets👍.
Who is suitable for labradorite?
Strong people with a strong character;
✔️ for all those who are not afraid to make a mistake, to be wrong;
✔️ people who are not afraid of risk;
✔️ those who are in search of their true calling and place in this world;
✔️ people who do not yet know their inner shadows;
✔️ ambitious, loyal, passionate and charismatic individuals.
What do you think of the properties of this handsome man? Would you like a crystal like this?