Unlike anything else, beautiful and exquisite quartz has long captivated the hearts of many lovers of jewelry natural crystals👍.

Because of its genuine brilliance and purity that seems to draw in and mesmerize, quartz jewelry is in great demand👌
For whom the quartz is suitable? Due to the great variety of colors of shapes and subspecies, everyone can find a suitable piece for themselves.
Believe me)))

The photo shows a new quartz in my store - clear Quartz on a wooden base.
As I see it, these crystals on a stand are very convenient and practical. You can put the crystal anywhere in your apartment and not think about how it will "hold".

The crystals of such mineral are absolutely transparent and precisely formed 👌Minerals are remarkable because they can let ultraviolet rays through. It is a symbol of clear thoughts, wisdom, constancy and prudence.

Clear Quartz is used for magic rituals. The energy of the stone is similar to that of humans, which allows it to positively influence our psychological state and thoughts✨
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