Just recently I received a message like this and I wanted to answer it, maybe some people have faced this problem😮

So, why do you not feel the action of crystals and how to change it:
💎 first, try meditation. This is a very powerful practice that is enhanced by crystals. Do 20-30m meditations and don't forget to be systematic. Just turn off your head, get rid of heavy thoughts. And give yourself and the crystals time. Without your Faith-nothing will happen😞

It's naive to think that if you buy crystal today, tomorrow love, wealth and friendship will appear in your life. Anything is possible, though. Give yourself and the universe time and everything will work out. Just keep taking action!

If you bought crystal, put it on your shelf and it steadily gathering dust, there will be no result. What's important is constant interaction and system-regularity.

Buy crystals based on specific needs. For example, if you want love, get rose quartz. And I will tell you how to "enliven" its properties.

Remember that crystals are very energetic and absorb information like sponges. Therefore it is necessary to clean and recharge them periodically.

💜 I've had different times and crystals have helped me a lot.
Just give yourself and the universe time🙏🏼