Made of silver, citrine in the center (just shimmering in the sun), surrounded by cubic zirconia👍
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A talisman that will always be with you!
Citrine is a joyful stone with a bright energy that illuminates many aspects of life. The stone carries the energy of good luck, and it can appear in the most unexpected ways.

It is well known as a stone of success and prosperity, it is also called the "stone of good fortune." Citrine attracts success and abundance in all forms to the wearer.

It is often used for good luck in business because it activates money flows and attracts wealth. Having a connection with the third chakra (Manipura), it helps strengthen willpower and increases energy levels.

In terms of personal growth, wearing citrine develops self-confidence, willpower and honesty, and unleashes creativity. Bringing self-confidence as well as positive energy, it helps to dispel fears of loneliness or of being unworthy of love.
Citrine is known to be very affectionate to the wearer and brings them joy.

I wear this ring all the time and already many people have asked me what kind of jewelry I have❤️
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