Purpose Activation Session

Purpose Activation Session

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In the session you will receive the deep insight about your purpose in life, your unique gifts, your personality strengths and Soul highest tasks for this lifespan. As well as what corrections you should make to live happy life and be in harmony with yourself and make the best decisions in life.

Prior the session you will receive a citrine crystal that will resonate with your purpose, with your highest version of you for faster integration. Please have it with you on the call, we will be working with it. ( I will ship you the crystal after the initial correspondence)

We will also remove all negative energy that blocks you from achieving your goals and living your dream life ( relationship, family, business ,health, body)

We will connect with the best version of yourself ( your future self)

We will activate the light codes of abundance and miracles in your every day life and much more. Every session is unique performs from the flow state where all the answers, all the possibilities exist.

During the session you will understand the basic Universe laws and how to implement them for happy and fulfilling life.
( the session is about 1.30 hour long, I don't put strong time frames as I work from flow state and timing is secondary thing)

After placing the order I will contact you via email to set day and time.

Much Love and Blessings